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Company Facts Sheet


DLT Manufacturing is an innovative manufacturing leader that is committed to providing clients with the highest in quality and technology.


Our clients have come from various industries including electronics, telecommunications, security, fire protection, entertainment lighting, medical, aerospace, defense, auto and food. We continue to focus on training our team on the very latest software packages, while increasing our investments in state of the art manufacturing equipment.


We also devote extensive time and energy to increasing our capabilities, which has not gone unnoticed. Our award-winning company has gained international recognition for our teams ability to manufacture even the most complicated of parts. 


DLT Manufacturing: Passionate commitment to detail and to quality in manufacturing.



Approximately 50 employees as of September 2013


4081 Shilling Way, Dallas, TX 75237


Power Output Capability


2000 Watts, Continuous Wave (CW), Gated Pulse (square wave), Super Pulse ( 2.5 X CW power) and Hyper Pulse ( Amada’s proprietary pulse shapes for optimal metal cutting).


The versatility of these power outputs and pulse rates of up to 5,000 Hz allow us to produce accurate cuts and clean edges while minimizing any undesirable heat effects.


Laser Accuracy


Specified positioning accuracies of +/- 0.0002″ in 20″ of travel and a repeatability of 0.000079″ allow us to produce laser cut parts with a feature positional and edge to edge accuracies of up to +/- .001″ or better depending on the particular material’s properties.


At DLT Manufacturing we specialize in combining advanced technologies; laser cutting, photo- chemical machining and wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) to produce parts that have accurately located, stepped channels, pocket and edge features. Complex parts can be produced by using unique combinations of the these technologies without the need for expensive hard tooling.




 A list of typical parts produced at DLT Manufacturing include; encoder discs, lead frames, shims and spacers, EMI shields, valve plates, spring contacts and reed valves.  There are numerous other applications beyond these.

Senior Leadership

Lupe Calderon, Chief Executive Officer

Hector Calderon, JR., Vice President of Operations

Tim Murphy, Programming / Engineering Manager


For the complete list of executive level staff, here.

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